I am a Massage Therapist and graduated from Southeastern Institute of Charlotte. 

 I chose to be a massage therapist after a personal experience with therapeutic shoulder massage. I used to suffer from severe stress due to work, but I also had a condition called “frozen shoulder” for more than ten years. I had all kinds of treatments including cortisone shots, but nothing cured it. Everything was a temporary solution for the pain. The massage gave me a great relief, but more than anything I learned that it was a natural cure for my problem. Aside from the massage, I started to investigate natural ways to cope with my stress problems. This led me to become an herbalist and I treated myself with herbs and massages. My treatment was very successful.



This profession has given me a lot of satisfaction. It’s great to see people being alleviated from their pain and stress immediately after a session. This is very rewarding for me. I have a passion for doing massage. I know it works!


As a massage therapist my goal is to give my clients the very best experience. Fulfilling my clientele needs is my occupation, but going above and beyond that fulfillment is my aspiration.​​ The satisfaction that my clients experience makes me feel rewarded.


There isn't any better value to my job than to see a client relieved from pain, stress, tension, etc. Therefore, every massage session represents another opportunity to feel satisfied and it is a challenge to be a better professional and human being every time.